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8 secret ingredients that promote heart health

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Maintaining good heart health from early ages of your life is extremely important, especially if you’re a Pakistani. Hence, in this article we share some natural heart health friendly ingredients you need to increase consumption of, in order to promote prosperous and adequate working of your vital organ.

Heart, one of the most precious organs of the body beats about 2.5 million times, over the average lifetime, pumping millions of gallons of blood throughout your body. Given the heart’s never ending workload, upholding heart health is tremendously essential, as it can be easily brought down by poor diet, deficiency of some necessary elements and lack of exercise.

Moreover, salt, oil and variety of spices are the obligatory ingredients of Pakistani cuisines and no ‘perfect meal’ is complete without them.  However, Pakistanis remain ignorant of how destructive these food ingredients could be, precisely for your heart. Therefore, following are some easy to find, magic ingredients you need to increase in your diet, that will promote proper working of the heart and overcome destruction made by oils and spices.

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