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A new game making its way out of the God of War studios

The Sony development studio seems to be working one a new game which has not been announced up till now. The Sony development studio is also behind the famous game of the year 2018, namely God of War as well as its upcoming sequel as well which was Ragnarok. The reason behind people noticing that the studio is working on a new game title is it announced the listing of a new job on its Twitter account. The new job which was listed by the Santa Monica official Twitter account was for a new art director for a game that has not been announced yet, and people are already in a frenzy as to what the new game will be like.

The people are imagining as well as hoping that the studio is going to be working on something very exciting related to the sequel of the God of War but it also tends to make a lot o sense that the studio team will be laying foundations for this new project which it has hinted upon via its job posting of a new art director on the Twitter account.  The listing which was made by the studio on the official account invited the applicants to join the award winning team which is also behind the creation of the God of War.

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