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A slow burning and psychological horror on the XBOX, The Medium

The Medium is the name of the new game, the story of the game revolves around a person who carries the ability to live in more than one worlds, specifically two worlds and this person further undergoes the experience concerning the realms of the dead as well as the living, that too at the same time. The game has been developed by the team who is the same team responsible for the adaptation of the Blair Witch in the year 2019. Another important detail about the game is the its concept is not essentially an original one, and thee reason behind this is that there have been many games in the past that have played around with the concept of dark and light worlds, and this goes back till the Zelda. But the way in which it has been presented is considered to be quite perfect concerning a video game, the person bas the choice of wandering through both the worlds in the game in a simultaneous manner,  and gaining a control over the two versions of the same character in the same way as if the respective player was in split screen multiplayer. Therefore, it has been given the status of being a fascinating as well as a clever way for gaining an experience of the story of the game, while having a truly horror atmosphere in the game, it tends to elevate something which would have otherwise been a quite clunky and trite psychological and horror experience for the player. Moving on, while talking about the outset, Marianne can be seen being sad as well as mourning over losing her father who had adopted her, that too in such a manner which is specific her the skills she possesses as a medium. In the game, Marianne is not only seen helping in the respective arrangements for the funeral of her adoptive father, another effort which she makes is the guiding of his spirits so that her father is able to cross over. The game has an effective and amazing set up, which results in immediately showing how the character is able to manage being in two places at the same time. After receiving a phone call from someone whom she does not know, almost immediately after, the strange person on the call asks her to pay a visit to a hotel which is abandoned, and the hotel has a rumor about it whereby it is said that a massacre had taken place over there. The character takes the request to be absolutely normal, therefore she decides to trust her gut feeling, and makes the decision of going and checking the things out on her own at the hotel.

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