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Abu Dhabi restaurant explosion kills two

Two people have lost their lives while several others were injured in a gas explosion at an Abu Dhabi restaurant earlier on Monday according to local authorities.

The incident took place a fast food restaurants on Bin Rashid Street in Abu Dhabi and according to details, the explosion was a result of a misalignment in the gas container fittings after refueling.

According to local media, one of the people killed in the incident was near the site while the second person was a passerby who was hit by debris resulting from the explosion while the injured were immediately moved to the hospital for treatment.

Authorities including Rapid intervention teams from the Directorate of Emergency and Public Safety quickly arrived at the scene and evacuated all residents from the area.

Residents living in nearby affected buildings were also evacuated by authorities following the Abu Dhabi restaurant explosion and provided with temporary accommodation until they could return home.

According to residents, the restaurant explosion sent debris across the road in front of the building as far as 1km away and social media is flooded with videos and pictures following the incident.

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