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Allergic Reactions to COVID Vaccine Scaled

Allergic reaction to the COVID vaccine is quite rare

Out of the 1.9 million first set of doses of theCovid-19 vaccine given to the people, administered only in the United States, number of cases, exact number 21, were reported whereby the people who took the vaccine had severe allergic reactions,  this was reported by the center for diseases control on 6th of January.

An official announcement has been made by the director of the center for disease control, that the covid-19 vaccines are not only save but they are effective as well, they have plenty of data to prove this statement. She further added and said that the only things which they have noticed along the way are the allergic reactions in the people who took the vaccine. It is important for the sites which administer the respective covid vaccine, which they should be able to analyze as well as recognize the possible signs of anaphylaxis.

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