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Ancient black hole

It is said that the shutdowns on earth which resulted from the pandemic may have spared the atmosphere of Earth some of the greenhouse emissions taking place the previous year, but the whole world surprisingly continued to warm up. While taking into account the various water temperature measurements of various corners of the world, they tend to indicate that the total level of heat which is stored in the upper oceans in the year 2020 was said to be way higher as compared to the record of the heat level of any other year, going back till the year 1955. This news was reported by a group of researchers on the 13th of January in Advances in Atmospheric Sciences. It is very important to track the temperature of the ocean, and the reason behind this is that warmer water tends to melt more amount of ice off the edges of the Antarctica as well as the Greenland, as this tends to increase the respective sea levels.

As per the estimations of the researchers the total amount of the heat energy which was stored in the 2000 upper meters of the oceans of the Earth, making use of the temperature data by the moored sensors.

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