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Apple subscription extension

It has been reported that the Apple TV subscription as well as its free trial has been extended by the company, this has been done for all the free trial users of the Apple TV. The subscriptions of all the Apply TV users concerning the one year free trial was set to expire before the month of June, but Apple has now made it possible for the users to keep enjoying their subscription for free trial till July of the year 2021. The company offered the customers the Apple TV subscriptions and free trial on their purchase of Mac, iPad, as well as the Apple TV. The expiry date for all of the new trial users was November 1st of 2020. Then the company extended the deadline of the expiry to the month of February of 2021, but now as per the reports, Apple has again made an extension for the users in the expiry date, extension has been made till the month of July in 2021. There have been many reports on the reasoning behind the delay in the extensions, around 9 to 5 Mac reports have supported that news that this delay has resulted due to the delay in the shooting of the Apple TV originals because of the pandemic.

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