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Bacteria resulting in the suffocation of the sea animals

The culprit which is the reason behind the deadly sea star disease is not at all an infection, which was once thought by the scientists. In fact that different types of the bacteria which is living within millimeters of the sea starts skin tends to deplete oxygen from the water body and also results in the suffocation of the animals. This was reported by the researchers in the month of January on the 6th date, in the Frontiers of Microbiology. As per the facts, that are some microbes which thrive when the respective organic matters are very high in the warm water, and it also tends to create an environment which has low oxygen results in the sea stars melting in slime puddle.

The disease of sea star wasting, which is the sole reason behind the symptoms of the crossing of limbs as well as the decaying of tissues, it first gained notoriety in the year 2013, when the seas stars which were living in the Pacific coast were dying is huge numbers. The disease has not broken out for the first time, but it has also broken out in the year 2013, but the scale at which it has taken place now was never this large before.

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