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Bats with orange discovered

Bats with orange discovered

There is no doubt about the fact that bats are quite known for their mousy looks, but as per the recent discoveries, they can also have a colorful side to them. Recently, a new species of bats have been discovered and this happened at a time when two bats were caught in a miner’s tunnel which was abandoned in the region of Western Africa, and these bats carried shades of the orange color in their fur. And as many people who have taken a look at the newly discovered bats say that they are absolutely gorgeous, and this has been said by Nancy Simons who works at the National Museum of History which is situated in the city of New York. The bats have orange fur on their backs which further tends to contrast with their wing membranes which have a black back. But what might surprise you will be that these are not the only features that tend to set these bats apart, there are major quite famous Myotis Species which belong to the continent that is also as flashy. There are other traits that are rather less visible, and these traits vary from the echolocation calls to the details of hidden striping which can be seen in its fur, when we talk about the peg Myotis species, they are absolutely unusual, this was reported by Nancy Simmons along with her colleagues in American Museum Novitiates in the month of January online on the 13th. The way in which the new species has been discovered is undoubted quite an old fashioned way, as it was discovered in a forest which was remote with keen eyes that study the animals in the real habitat. This method of discovering species is not a very common method in the modern-day, when we have all the sensitive genetic tools, as said by Simmons.

The majority of the bat species, which are 20 or so, which have been discovered in the recent times, have been discovered by making use of the genetic analysis of museum specimen lookalikes. At the time when the researchers collected the first specie of bat, near a tunnel which was abandoned, used for the mineral exploration in the Guinea section in the region of Nimba Mountains, the flashy specie was not something which was new.

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