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Biden and Zuckerberg problem

Way before the story of Cambridge Analytica broke into the world, not just this but even before it has been acknowledged by Facebook that the platform had been made use of for the purpose of offer a helping hand in the inciting the cleansing which took place in Myanmar. Before the time when the Whatsapp lynching took place in the country India. Even before the proud boys and QAnon, and before Mark Zuckerberg had the whole world at his feet. As per the facts, in the beginning of the year 2017, he made the decision of touring the whole of America. On a post on Facebook, he clearly mentioned that one needs have a conversation with more people regarding how they are living their life, thinking and working about and towards the future. His main goal was to talk to as many people as he could all over the 50 number of states, to walk in the country and engage with Americans in the most real manner.

Majority of the people saw this act as a presidential bid being dome for the year 2020. In this week, it was seen that the job which majority thought was craved by Mark Zuckerberg was taken up by Joe Biden. In that process, Joe Biden succeeded in completing a reverse metamorphosis officially for Mark Zuckerberg.

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