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Big worms burrowed to ambush their prey

Big worms burrowed to ambush their prey

Almost a good 20 million years back, it is speculated that the giant oceans worms might have burrowed into the ancient seafloor and further burst just like the space slug in the movie Star Wars, for the purpose of ambushing its prey. It has been reported by a group of researchers in the Scientific reports, on the 21st of the month of January, that the ancient underground lairs which were left behind the animals tends to appear in the form of rocks belonging to the coastal Taiwan. It is further said that the diggers behind this might have been the analogs of the modern day bobbit worms, which are known for the fact of burying themselves under the sand for the purpose of surprising as well as striking their prey.

The burrows that have been dig up in the ground carry the status of being trace fossils, there is ample evidence in the surface of earth which points towards the animal activity that has been preserved in the record geology, examples of this activity includes footprints as well as fossilized poop. As per the reports, the first time that the newly reported fossils were spotted was in the year 2013 that too in the region of Taiwan Badouzi by the famous paleontologist names Masakazu Nara who worked at the Kochi University situated in the country Japan.

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