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Blizzard games are going to be the sole focus of Tony Hawks Pro skater 1 + 2

The studio behind the development of Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is Vicarious Visions; the same studio is also behind the development of the famous games Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1+2. As per the recent reports, the studio has got the assignment for the development of Activision Blizzard. The platform behind the report is  The total number of people who are part of the team of the studio is 200, and all the team members will now be in complete dedication to the working and initiatives required for the Blizzard games. This means that if in future the studio Vicarious Visions works on any of the games in the future, then this will result in them not serving in the form of a lead development studio.

A senior spokesperson that belonged to the Blizzard, during an interview with the said that after collaborating efforts with the famous Vicarious Vision studio and quite some time and further while developing an effective and great relationship, the company Blizzard gained the realization that there was surely an opportunity to offer support for a long term. Although the studio did not give any type of specifications as to what exactly the Vicarious Vision studio is working on for the provision of support, as it is known to the majority of on current basis the Blizzard Entertainment is working on three main titles, which include Diablo Immortal, ARPG slack and hack mobile game as well as the sequels for both Overwatch and Diablo. Even after this, there was a report made on the part of Bloomberg on the evening of Friday, which the Vicarious Visions studio has already been on the works of Diablo since the previous year.  The works which are being done since the last year also include within the making of the sequel named Diablo II, this is as per the report of Bloomberg. As a part of the respective merger which took place, the previous head of the studio namely Jen Oneal, has been provided with a promotion by the company and has now become the executive vice president of the development projects taking place at Blizzard Entertainment. The year in which the Vicarious Visions studio was founded was 1990, and the year in which is officially became a subsidiary of Activision was 2005. Throughout the complete lifespan of the studios of a total of 30 plus years, the studio has successfully worked on the development of various projects that too across many franchises, which also includes within Guitar Hero, Tony Hawk as well as Crash Bandicoot.

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