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Brown Tree Snakes

Brown tree snakes using their tails for climbing wider trees

One thing which you need clarify is that snakes do not just slither, they do much more than that. There are some snakes who swim, whereas on the other hand there are also snakes who side wind over the sand. You will be surprised to know that there are even some snakes who fly. Even after tall this being said and seen, but there is no one who has even seen the snakes moving in such a manner as the brown tree snakes do for climbing certain trees. What the brown tree snakes do is that they wrap their tails around a pole or a tree in a grip which is rather lasso like and it further wriggles for the purpose of propelling itself, this snake is able to shimmy up such structures which otherwise would seem to be too wide for climbing.

If better understanding is gained about the brown tree snakes on how they are able to get around, it will provide a helping hand in informing the various strategies for gaining a control over their population in Guam, a place where the snakes are considered to be an invasive species. Moreover, the brown tree snakes are quite famous for wiping out almost completely all of the native forest birds located in Guam as well as causing frequent power outages that results from them clambering up the utility poles in the region.

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