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Call of duty, is the modern warfare eaten?

One question which is coming from various corners of the world, from the all the call of duty players, that where exactly did the modern warfare go in the game. In case you do not remember, well it is the one which had Gunfight and Captain price, people absolutely loved is and it was considered to be one of the best Call of Duty every, but later in the in the December, the company made an update in their game, Call of Duty, Cold War Black Ops season 1, this update merged the game with the warzone, and it completely disappeared from the game and the players are saying that the warzone has eaten it. The company has put in a dedicated warzone button which has completely replaced the exact spot where previously modern warfare used to sit in the launcher. For the players, they have only left behind one evidence and that too just a faded and blur MW written in the back under the logo of warzone in the game. This has started to be rather surreal for the Call of Duty players to accept the replacement of two separate game versions, but at the same time it is not surprising.
One thing which is rather obvious s that activision has finished its job which had just began the last year. The company has always made it very clear since the very launch of Warzone in the year 2020 March as a side mode, and gain massive success that too instantly, that it has now become the main aspect of the Call Of Duty. The game has always managed to pull in millions and millions of players on a monthly basis, having its free to play feature, and consistently updates being made with adding new weapons, different modes as well as cosmetics.

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