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Cheating scandal Minecraft Speedrunner on YouTube

This has come as a big shocking news for all the gamers out there, as the Minecraft Speedrunner which had made its way to the top and become dream, got all the world records completely removed resulting from the officials concluding that there was cheating involved. The Youtuber had a subscriber base of a good 15.4 million, with majority of his videos going up to a viewer base of 20 to 60 million, it will not be wrong to say that the year 020 game has a heck of a year for this Minecraft YouTuber, namely Dream. Fame came quickly for the Speedrunner, everyday gaining more and more subscribers and between January to November the subscriber base grew over 12 million.

Even if someone had previously not heard about this YouTube star of Minecraft, the news regarding his world rec9rds being removed against cheating scandal came as a massive hit. This situation has now been on a roll for a couple of months with claims coming from both ends, about the case has now finally settled with sad news for the YouTube star. The entire popularity of Dream is linked with his Minecraft speed run content, where the Youtuber can be seen trying to finish the game as soon as he can, along with the Manhunt series of Minecraft, which gained massive popularity. October 2020 was the time when the accusations actually took place by a fellow Speedrunner, who tweeted out but his tweets were deleted by one way or another, he had reported seeing a high count of RNG drops for all the key items in the game which were submitted by Dream in the run in the starting of the same month, and that was his very run which had made its way to the 5th ranking on the leaderboards.

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