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College student’s mental health is affected by the Covid-19

The global pandemic which has taken over the whole world by storm has resulted in the widespread mental health problems which are being faced by college students in the United States. Studies have proven that the students are at the highest risk of falling victim to the mental health issues which are resulting from the ongoing pandemic, which includes all women, men, Asian, students under the age of 25, the people who knew anyone who was suffering from the coronavirus, the people have a poor health overall and it also includes such people who have a lower income situation. This has been reported by the researcher in the famous PLOS ONE in the month of January.

As per the reports, even before the spread of the emergency which came after the coronavirus, the college students in the United States were suffering from the issues of mental health such as depression as well as anxiety along with other mental disorders.  And the rates at which the students were suffering from these issues were also very high, in comparison to the general population.           There are many college students, who are dealing with the new kind of social environment, and they are struggling hard to try and figure out their respective careers, having to worry about their finances, and this was said by the famous Matthew Browning. Matthew Browning is a famous psychologist who is working at Clemson University located in South Carolina.

In order to effectively assess and analyze how the ongoing pandemic is leaving an impact on the mental health of the students, Matthew browning along with his colleagues conducted a survey of more than 2500 students gathering them from seven different public universities all over the United States, which took place last spring season, when the coronavirus spread was just ramping up. The participants who took part in the respective study ranked the statement concerning their mental and emotional state, due to their minds being preoccupied with the Covid-19, time usage as well as stress levels. On the basis of the total scores which were calculated, the researcher finally came to the conclusion where they classified all the students as having to go through low, high as well as moderate levels of worry and emotional distress.  In addition to this, the researcher also noted that they did not make use of the screening tools for the various disorders which include depression, anxiety, but they instead zoomed in on the respective stressors of the mental health issues resulting from the pandemic.

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