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Electric Eels coordinating the attacks for zapping their prey

Electric eels coordinating the attacks for zapping their prey

It has been reported that one Volta’s electric eel carries the ability to subdue the small fish with the help of a mere 860 volt jolt, and this in itself is very scary. No after reading this, imagine around 100 or more than 100 eels swirling around in the water, further unleashing well-coordinated electric attacks. These kinds of sights were only previously considered t be a part off a scary nightmare, at least for the prey if not for anyone else. For over a long period of time, the researcher has these kind of eels, who are a type of Knitefish, are very solitary as well as carry the status of nocturnal hunters who make use of their electric sense for finding the smaller fish in water while they are sleeping. On the other hand, while talking about a remote region located in Amazon, there are eels who hunt together in groups of more than 100 of them, and they are able to corral not less than thousands of small fish all together for concentration, devouring as well as shocking their prey, this has been reported by the researchers in the Ecology and Evolution on January 14th.

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