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Ex-Google engineer pardoned

Anthony Levandowski, who is the former engineer of Google, according to the report, has been sentenced to 18 months in prison, and the reason behind this was that he was amongst the people who were pardoned by the President Trump after he left the office.  The figures of the Silicon Valley offer maximum support to the pardon, which also includes within the investors such as Oculus who is the founder of Palmer Luckey and Peter Thiel. The sentencing took place in the month of August; the judge who rules clearly said that “the biggest trade secret crime I have ever seen”. In addition to this, the judge who announced the ruling, Judge Alsup refereed to the former engineer of Google, Anthony Levandowski as a brilliant as well as a ground breaking engineer of whom thee country is in need of.

It was further stated that the former engineer had paid his significant price for his respective actions as well as his plans for devoting his talents for advancing the public good. The reason behind the former engineer not starting the sentence was due to the pandemic taking over the world. The president Trump, during the final couple of hours of his presidency pardoned a good 73 people, which also included within his adviser Steve Bannon.

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