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Facebook Facing Broader Action

Facebook facing broader action

As per the sources, the advisors belonging to the top court of EU, has now issued and official recommendation for allowing the data protection agencies present in any of the European Union countries, to take a legal action not just against Facebook but against any of the tech firms, it does not matter whether or not their respective regional headquarters are located in a completely different European Union state. This official recommendation was issued after the incident where Facebook sought to rebuff the privacy regulator of Belgium in a proper data case, by putting it forward that their respective EU headquarters were located in Dublin and further so Ireland carried the status of the lead authority in European Union concerning the United States social media.

In addition to this, the advocate general namely Michel Bobek, who is known to the advisor to the court of justice of the European Union, he made the recommendation that the respective data protection agency located in any of the European Union countries should have the ability to take a legal action in different situations, it does not matter whether they are in lead authority or not. Furthermore, if the recommendation is followed, this process could tend to prompt any action which is supported by the national agencies, in the European Union which consists of a total of 27 members.

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