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Facebook to allegedly stop the recommendation of political and civic groups

Facebook to allegedly stop the recommendation of political and civic groups

As per the reports, it is said that in the near future Facebook will no longer be recommending the users join on the social networking platform, concerning the civic as well as the political groups, and the sole reason behind this is that it tends to result in the reduction of the number of political posts which make their way on the feeds of people. The practice follows weeks and weeks of such content being suppressed around the elections being held in the United States, but now it will gain the status of becoming a policy on a permanent basis all around the world. This respective change in the Facebook policy has been announced by the owner Mark Zuckerberg himself and that too, over a call he had with the investors. While having the call with the investors, the Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg clearly mentioned that it is not wanted and required by the people to fight as well as politics for the purpose of taking over. Although it is rather unclear as to what exactly is covered under the title of civic groups, and it also does not really clear much as to in what ways the respective change could be leaving an impact on the grassroots campaigns.

A spokesperson by Facebook gave the statement that the company was still under the process of fine-tuning the policy, and is also working on ways the policy will work in the UK. The decision which has been taken up by Facebook is followed by months and months of pressure, and the reason behind this is that misinformation was spread around regarding Facebook and on Facebook. Further, it was added by the Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg, that the new change in the policy is intended at making sure that the people make a connection with such communities which are positive as well as healthy. Moving on, he also said that there are various other groups with which we as individuals want ourselves to join and connect, it does not matter even if they are not violating their policies. Now, what the respective plan of the company is to make sure and further keep the political and civic groups out of the recommendations and that too for a longer period of time. Furthermore, he said that this practice plays a role in the continuation of the work which the company has been doing for quite some time for the purpose of turning down the level of temperature as well as help in discouraging the devising of the conversations and the communities.

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