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Feature Hinted in by the Google App Teardown

Feature hinted in by the Google App teardown

It has been reported that the Google App teardown is not hinting a new feature where the calls which are made by unknown numbers will be recorded on an automatic basis. In the previous year, the own phone App by Google came ahead and introduced a new feature for call recording, which only tends to work with the respective Pixel devices, selected Nokia as well as the Xiaomi Phones. As per the details of this stated feature, when the call is ongoing, a button for recoding appears in front of the user on the screen which plays back voice, and this voice tends to notify both of the parties involved in the respective call that the call is now being recorded.

While talking about the teardown of the latest version of the Google Phone App, specifically the 59th version, which is performed by the XDA developers, has revealed a couple of strings of messages which bring into notice that the new added feature will provide the users with a chance to be able to record all the call that come from unknown numbers, or from such numbers which are not there in the contact list of the user.

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