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Global internet outage: users face problems accessing websites

global internet outage earlier today left many people worldwide unable to access several websites and services according to DownDetector and ThousandEyes, two services that track internet outages.

Major websites and services went down including eBay, Twitter, Xbox Live and PlayStation Network along with several others as part of the internet outage that lasted almost two hours.

According to sources, the global internet outage was a result of issues at CenturyLink’s core network and the company also confirmed through a tweet confirming the problems being faced by users.

CenturyLink, the major provider that was experiencing issues has confirmed on Twitter that the problem has been fixed and websites and services impacted by the IP outage have been restored.

Even Cloudflare, an internet service which works to keep websites up and running went down taking a huge chunk of websites along with it adding to the global internet outage.

Cloudflare took to Twitter confirming the problem around the same time as CenturyLink saying:

Cloudflare is aware of network related issues caused by a third-party transit provider incident. We are working to mitigate the problem.

However the company has now confirmed that services are back up and running further stating that they are going to continue monitor for any further issues that may arise.

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