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Highest sales record in the month of December by Sonalika Tractors!

The New Year has come with great news for Sonalika Tractors, as they have recorded their higher number of sales in the month of December, with a selling number of a good 11,540 tractors as well as the highest ever market share going up to a good 16.1 percent for the company. Although the pandemic had hit the whole world and taken the entire market by storm, but this did not keep Sonalika Tractors behind from introducing five of their new premium tractors in the market in the year 2020. Along with the high performance of Sonalika Tractors being registered, for throughout the year 2020, the company began their year 2021 by recording the highest number of sales and market share, and that too in just a time span of nine months, between April to December of 2020.

While speaking from the statistics perspective, it is reported that the Sonalika Tractors have been fortunate enough to be selling more than one lakh tractors year after year for the past three years and so it has also recorded a similar volume of sales in the nine months of the previous year, that is quite an up for the company even during the situation of a global pandemic.

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