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Hitman 2 levels no longer free

Soon after it was said by the CEO Tim Sweeney that he was considering as well as looking into the issue, IO offered an update for saying that, although the solution is not out there on immediate basis to the problem, but one thing which it can guarantee right now is that the owners of Hitman 2 will carry the ability to import the levels of the Hitman 2 into Hitman 3 and that too without any charges. The way in which these things will work has not been made clear as of yet, but while analyzing the situation majority feel that this issue will surely have a happy ending.

The respective progression will be conducted as expected, but one thing is for sure that this will have to be dealt with from a different website which will go live a little time before Hitman 3 releases, after the carry over process will be completed, the players of Hitman 2 will be able to make use of their existing profile and play Hitman 3, along with their existing XP ranks, location mystery unlocks, location mystery levels, challenge unlocks, challenge progress as well as the exclusive target unlocks and suits. The guide further states that all these things are what they refer to as progression. Further stating that it is not possible for one to pick and then choose the elements that they want to carryover, either it is all or nothing.

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