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Huge burrows of the Monitor Lizards

An entire community of animals hides in the dark, meter below the sun broiled desert of the northwestern Australia. The centipedes and scorpions scuttle while the Geckos lay their eggs in the ground. While moving away from the light, a snake tends to glide deeper and deeper into the ground. This massive burrow is gouged into the ground on the earth as a result of the efforts of a massive lizard, known as the monitor lizard.

A recent study has been conducted which puts forwards a new set of information, that there are two different species of the famous Australian monitor lizard which tends to dig big arrays of the burros into the surface of the Earth, and the respective openings tend to leave a great impact on the biodiversity of the local surroundings, it provides the animals living in the nearby surroundings with a reliable shelter.

These findings were published in an official way in the Ecology, on the 18th of December; these findings also tend to indicate that these lizards carry the status of being the ecosystems engineers. Until in the recent times, it was not very clear whether or not the monitor lizards lay egg. Going into the burrows with the thought to contain their respective eggs, did not yield anything.

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