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Hyundai Making Export to Nepal

Hyundai making an export of 125 cars to Nepal while using the railway mode

Today only, it has been officially announced by the Hyundai Company that it will be commencing its export operations while making use of the railway mode, for dispatching a good 125 of its vehicles to Nepal, departing from Walajabad railway hub, which is situated very close to the production facility present in thee Irungattukkottai. The Hyundai Company, which carries the status of an automobile manufacturing company, has claimed that the respective move of the vehicles will play a key role in the reduction of the carbon footprint, which has been quantified at 20260 tonnes by the company.

This export consignment was officially flagged by the director of the Hyundai Motor India production, namely Ganesh Mani S as well as the divisional railway manager at the southern railway additional, namely S Subramanian. As per the company itself, it is said that the train which will be carrying 125 of Hyundai vehicles will arrive at the Indian-Nepal border at the region named Nautanwa, that is located quite near to the border of Sonauli, and from there onwards the last mile will be covered for making the delivery while using the roadways of Nepal.

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