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Indian high court against the new WhatsApp policy!

On Monday, the high court of Delhi made a special announcement, it announced that it is now completely voluntary of anyone wants to accept the new policy of WhatsApp, people have the choice to not join the platform of WhatsApp if they do not agree with the policy terms and condition stated. In addition to this, the Delhi high court also announced that in case the majority of the mobile aps carry such terms and conditions “you would be surprised as to what all you are consenting to”, it further quoted that most of the data is also stored by Google Maps.  Quite specifically, Justice Sachdeva stated to the petitioner, that the app is a very private thing, if it is absolutely voluntary, if someone wants to join it or not, they can use some other app as well.  This has been said by the lawyer who officially challenged the new launched policy of WhatsApp, as earlier it was stated that the privacy policy will come into effect in the month o February but now this has further been deferred till the month of May.

After this, the Delhi high court also said that it was hard to tell what sort of data could be leaked as per the petitioner and as the problem needs proper consideration, it is said to be listed on January 25th resulting from the paucity of time.

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