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iPhone production being ramped up in India for decreasing the dependency in China

As per the reports, it is said that Apple is in the process of ramping up the production of the models of iPhone in the country India, and the reason behind this decision by the company is its plan for the reduction of its reliance on China. The giant luxury phone company, the Cupertino giant has further made the decision of starting the production of the series of iPhone on a local level. Along with increasing the production in India, the reports have further put it forward that Apple is also making the plans to increase the capacity of its models production, of not just iPhones but iPad lineups as well in the region Vietnam. In addition to this, the report also puts forward the claim that Apple is also going to be increasing the respective production of headphones, smart speakers as well as computers in the region of Southeast Asia. There are many people who are very familiar with the ongoing development related Apple, the famous Nikkei Asia has also provided this set of information that Apple will be increasing the production of the models of iPhone in India, and also has the plans for the production of the new series of iPhone 12 0on a local level, and that too in this quarter. It was previously suspected that the company will be working on the production of the iPhone 12 series somewhere in the middle of the year in the country. It is further said that the respective process of production could be planned to take place in the facility of Wistorn’s Karnataka. Alongside India, the company Apple requested for shifting the manufacturing process concerning the iPad from the country China all the way to Vietnam, as the production was already in the plan to be taking place in the middle of the year. In addition to this, there are also many reports stating that the company is in the process of mobilizing many of its suppliers for the expansion of the production in the market of Vietnam, concerning the HomePod mini. As per the current basis, there has already been an increase on the part of Apple with regard to the production of AirPods on a local level.

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