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Iqra Aziz to star in upcoming drama Raqeeb Se

The young Pakistani starlet Iqra Aziz is ready to star in another drama serial titled Raqeeb Se which is being brought to life by the creators of immensely popular drama Ranjha Ranjha Kardi.

Iqra Aziz has previously done an outstanding job in drama serial Jhooti and this time in the new project Raqeeb Se, the actress will be working with the likes Noman Ejaz and Sania Saeed in pivotal roles.

Moreover, the news was announced by Iqra Aziz herself, who is to play starring role in the approaching drama. Taking it to her instagram, the tabeer actress posted the picture of 13th episode script, in which project’s title ‘Raqeeb Se’ was clearly visible.

Raqeeb Se

Directed by Kashif nisar and penned down by Bee Gul, the upcoming drama serial Raqeeb Se is a twisted love story that revolves around complexities of life.Here to mention, the writer-director duo of this beautiful project previously gave us the megahit serial “Dar si jati hai sila” that featured Yumna zaidi.

Talking about the timeline of her scripted masterpiece, Bee gul commented saying:

It is about the repercussions of a love story stretched around an entire lifetime. I find the notion of ‘love’ very complicated and complex. I don’t get to understand it fully and I don’t know if anybody does. So, the way I look at it and the layers I see in it, that is what Raqeeb Se is all about.

It has a very classy and nostalgic touch to it which is very rare these days. It does not have the sharpness and glamour you see on the small screen. It is a very natural play and Kashif has kept characters very close to reality. It is experimental as far as the story and its treatment are concerned. We really don’t know how it will resonate with the audience and how they’ll react to it. They might reject it right away thinking that it is very subtle.

Apart from Iqra Aziz, Raqeeb Se also includes Noman Ejaz and Sania Saeed in pivotal roles.

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