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League of Legends Coming to North America

League of legends coming to North America

This news has come as a surprise and source of excitement around North America, as the fans of League of Legends who are in North America, will now be able to play their favorite games on their phones anytime and anywhere very soon. Quite recently, at a very big and fancy event, where the makers detailed on how the New Year will be for the game and for its players, it was then that the developer of League revealed the big new about Wild Rift making its way to North America soon. The developed specifically announced the mobile and console version of the League of Legends, is said to launch in the North America around March, in open beta. One thing which has taken the fans by confusion is that they did not clarify as to exactly which platforms will have beta available on them, since the open betas in the previous times were only available on the IOS and Android.

Apart from this, another important detail about the event is that Riot made it very obvious that his plan is to openly support Wild Rift all through the year. This also includes within all the regular events, a great example for this could be the Lunar New year festival which takes place in the month of February, along with this the ranked season which tends to kick off in a couple of regions this very week, and every month there is an addition of two new characters in the game for the consistent excitement guaranteed to the players.

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