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Less expensive Taycan?

This has come as a big surprise for many people out there that a new as well as a less expensive version of the Porsche Taycan may be coming out in the market. This news has been making its ways around the world after the new teaser video which was released by Porsche on its Facebook page, where the luxury car company is promising a new variant of their famous Taycan EV. Although the image of the car in the video is very shadowy as well as dark but it still manages to reveal the identity of the new model if the person knows what exactly they are in search for.

In the teaser image on Facebook, the Taycan which can be seen on the left side is wearing a color which seems to look quite identical to the previous rose gold shade which Porsche tends to refer to as the Frozen Berry. This color carries the status of the trademark color for this rear wheel variant which is very exclusive to China on current basis. The opinion of the majority is that Porsche has a specific kind of hue which is made use of by the company for displaying all their models, therefore the teaser image might also be indicating a wider availability of their Taycan.

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