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LG pulling out of the business?

The famous smartphone company LG, recently introduced its latest roll able smartphone in the year 2021 at the CES event, in this the company clearly pointed towards the fact that LG is not at all running out of some of the greatest ideas concerning its smartphone business. In the starting the year, the company also came forward and refuted the rumors that were floating around regarding the company and its very exciting smartphone business, they said clearly while putting down all the assumptions that the rumors are absolutely of no merit and false. Whereas on the other hand, while seeing the dramatic turnover which took place, the CEO of the LG company has sent a proper internal memo, and in this memo he hinted at the fact that there is going to a major change taking place in the divisional operations of the mobile business. Furthermore, the chief executive of the company whose name is Kwon Bong-Seok, who is the chief executive at the Korean company, came forward and said that regardless of any type of changes, the respective employment will not be influenced or changed and so will be maintained, therefore there is nothing to worry about. In addition to this, he also explained in an effective manner that the market is becoming very competitive every day and it is becoming tougher day after day. Therefore, he also said that it is just about time for the company to step forward and make a cold judgment.

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