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March is expected to welcome the world domination concerning the game Evil Genius 2

March is expected to welcome the world domination concerning the game Evil Genius 2

Since the announcement of the famous game Evil Genius 2, it has been 4 long years. The respective sequel to the RTS in the year 2004 concerning the running of the supervillain organization was modeled after the movies of James Bond for the years 1960 as well as the 1970s, or if one has to talk more accurately, the trilogy of Austin Powers. Since that very time, the process has been going very slow, but while talking about the last year the pace has been picking up for it. This led to the people being able to get their very first look at the gameplay which was played at the PC gaming show which was held in the month of June, and in addition to this a rather in-depth preview was carried out in the month of October, and now one can forget the famous promise of the Dodos which was held in the month of November, concerning the scientific dodos. Now the month of January has come with great news and teaser for all the gamers out there, and the reason behind this is that this month has allowed the people to get their look at the new trailer, and not just a trailer but even the respective release date. It was said recently by the developer rebellion that the gaming company is all set and ready to release Evil Genius 2: world domination and the release date of the new game set by the game makers is 30th March.

The new game Evil Genius 2 is going to be featuring a total of four villainous masterminds in the game, and the names of the respective masterminds are going to be heavy muscle madman Ivan, narcissist despot Max, Emma who is a manipulative ex-spy master as well as Zalika who is a scientist zealot. All of the four villainous masterminds will have their own unique story in the game and have their own background. The respective island in the game which will be serving as being the home for the bad guy whose name is HQ, in the game will be locales, which is one of the three islands in the game. The game player him/herself will carry the option of building, designing, as well as further customizing with the building mechanics of the modern-day, before the player unleashes his/her campaign concerning worldwide domination.

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