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Mice Feel Pain and Relief For Each Other

Mice feel pain and relief for each other

This has come out to be a very surprising fact for people, that mice can feel the pain and relief for one another. There have been many researches that have reported that mice are able to catch the emotions of each other, if anyone their fellow is fearful or even injured.  The reports brings into the notice of people that if there are some mice that are injured, the healthy mice that are around them also start behaving as if they are in some pain. Now, a study has suggested that not just the feeling of pain can be passed but the feeling of relief is also a contagious one’s amongst mice. 

In the last ten years, there have been very researchers that have done ample work on proving that animals can share the emotions and pain of each other, quite particularly fear, this has been said by Monique Smith show is a neuroscientist at the Stanford University. Monique Smith along with some of her colleagues together published their latest findings on the relief and pain in the month of January. In this, they investigate the building blocks of empathy that are present in animals which can help the researcher better understand the human empathy as well.  Smith further has reported that this study may lead to the treatment of various kinds of disorders which leave an effect on the ability of the person to be sensitive concerning the feelings as well as the respective experiences of other people.

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