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More than 4000 of the stolen Sepa files

More than 4000 of the stolen Sepa files published by the cybercriminals

The cybercriminals who were responsible for stealing thousands and thousands of data of digital concern which belonged to the renowned environmental regulator named Sepa, they published all the data on the internet. The environmental regulator Sepa possessed almost 1.2GB of the data that had been stolen by the cybercriminals from its respective digital systems, that too on the Evening of Christmas. Upon the demand for ransom by the cybercriminals, as per the reports Sepa immediately rejected their demand, declaring it as wrong. This report has been given by the International Conti ransomware group. Among the data that had been stolen, there were thousands of databases, contracts as well as strategy documents.

The area on the internet where the data had been uploaded by the cybercriminals was the dark web. The dark web is that part of the internet that carries an association with criminality and the data which is posted on the dark web is only accessible by people with the help of specialized software. The chief executive of Sepa, whose name is Terry A ’Hearn in an official statement said that we are very clear that we do not make use of any type of public finance for the purpose of paying the serious as well as organized intent of criminals, for the disrupting of the public services in addition to the extorting public funds.  In addition to this, the chief executive also added that they have made use of all the legal obligations as well as the duty of care concerning the sensitive handling of all the data that carries high priority, and further following the advice from the police of Scotland, they confirmed that the data which had been stolen by the cybercriminals were published on the internet in an illegal manner.

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