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New Facebook features launched in the UK

There are a couple of new features of Facebook which is going to make a launch in the United Kingdom in some days, the social network platform will have a section specifically dedicated to the news content. While talking about the new on Facebook, UK carries the status of being the second largest market and this was launched in the country in the previous year. There are several new publishers which are very famous and renowned, the list includes within Sky News, Channel 4 as well as The Guardian, have made deals with the social networking platform Facebook, for the provision of content, these deals have been signed by both parties. The reason behind this taking place is the respective relationship of the technology industry with the media publishers tends to fall under high level of scrutiny.

Only last week, it was threatened by Google that it will take its services out of the country Australia on the basis of the new policies by the government, since Google said that if they are forced by the law of the country for entering into such commercial agreements with the various publishers of news, and this matter is such a matter regarding which the social network platform Facebook has also come forward and expressed their concern. In the recent times, there are a couple of French publishers who have come into an agreement with Google, whereby they have explained how a new EU law of copyright regarding the news excerpts need to be applied. The questions which are in the minds of majority of the people now is that is it possible for Google to leave Australia, and the fact that will Google be playing high quality news concerning the latest deal. The feature of Facebook news is taken to be an attempt on the part of the social network platform for the purpose of addressing the friction which had been running for a long time between the it and the various news publishers, and the reason behind this is that amount spent on advertisement has moved on a large scale to the large technology firms instead of new outlets on an individual level. The day on which the new feature is all set to go lice on the platform is Tuesday; this statement has been put forward by Facebook itself. The new feature which is being launched by the platform is a dedicated tab on Facebook, which will be available on the mobile Facebook app itself, this will be accessible by the users by simply tapping on the three link icon in order to access to more options.

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