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New hero in the Apex Legends

Next month is coming with good news with all the Apex Legends players, as the game will have a new hero in it.  This announcement has been made by the trailer of Outland, and as per the news the name of the new hero is Fuse, who is the 16th legend. The new hero will be an outback punk who has come from the Planet Mad Max, and the hero Fuse is ready and set to raise the standard of the game and the facial hair. The trailer and shot which has been launched for the people is very confusing, but it tends to follow the hero Fuse as well as his unnamed friend since they grow up together on the lean, desaturated as well as mean streets of the Salvo, which is a world that is racked by  gangs and wars. In search of the golden grenade on some poor person’s corpse, there is a montage who follows the two exchanging jabs for the purpose of earning ownership of the explosives which are of high value.

This carries on until one learns of the pans of Fuse to ditch the planet in order to take a shot at the Apex games, therefore his friend tends to pull the pin.

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