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New sports car news confirmed by Lotus

Almost everyone is very well aware of the fact that for a long time, Lotus has been working very hard on something behind the scenes, but now as per the recent reports it has been officially announced by the British brand itself that the current existing lineup, the whole of its will die this very year, and it also added they will be launching a new sports car to replace the lineup in the year 2021. The insiders, the parties on the inside of the car company has provided the people with quite a lot of information and details regarding its new car launch in the market.

One thing which the people are sure of is that the launch will be based on a version which will be rather evolved concerning the bonded aluminum architecture, which further tends to underpin the models which are soon to retire. In addition to this, the CEO of the company, whose name is Phil Popham has provided us with some information that the new launch is going to be rather m0re usable in comparison with all the cars in the lineup which it will be replacing in the year 2021. Another big detail regarding the new launch of the sports car by Lotus is that we are also aware of the respective name of the code under which the car is being developed, and the code name is Type 131.

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