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Pokémon Snap on Nintendo Switch

Pokémon snap is ready to come on Nintendo switch

This is a very big news for all the gamers out there, that the new Pokémon snap is very soon making its way to the Nintendo Switch, around 30th April. The new Pokémon Snap is a sequel of the one in 1999 that was a classic N64, which tasked the respective player for taking the pictures of the Pokémon. The news has been officially announced by the Nintendo through its latest trailer. While talking about the New Pokémon Snap, it is a game which will allow the players to control a photographer of Pokémon who travels though the lental, which is a region that is covered in beautiful and eye catching scenery, ranging from the lush green jungles to the very sandy beaches. The players are required to develop a collaboration with the expert of the region concerning the Pokémon’s, who is named as Professor Mirror, as well as his assistant Rita for the purpose of conducting critical ecological surveys, observing as well as taking the pictures of the Pokémon while letting them stay in their natural habitats.

The gameplay is not very different from its predecessor, as shown in the predecessor the players were required to travel while making use of an auto driving vehicle, paying visits to the different locations in the region and photographing the Pokémon for the purpose of building the Photodex.

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