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Precautions for students during coronavirus outbreak

As the education institutions are recommencing next month, here are some foremost precautions, needed to be adopted by students during coronavirus, in order to protect themselves against this deadly illness.

The crucial pandemic has severely affected life all over the world for almost 5 months now. However, in Pakistan, the businesses resumed after two months of deadly lockdown, followed with dine-ins, tourism and other activities picking up again from the first week of August.

Nevertheless, the ones who faced huge loss in the light of this lethal virus are students. From board assessments getting cancelled, to CAIE students promoted with predicted grades, deciding a just education scheme had been a hard call for the authorities.

urthermore, here to mention poor university students during coronavirus, who are trapped under piles of assignments, quizzes, viva’s and recorded lectures since the start of this critical phase. Although majority of the educational institutions had been conducting online classes, the quality of the education is compromised in many ways. Hence, accepting the fact, E-education is a dozen steps backwards than ‘in-campus education.’

Realizing this loss of students, the government of Pakistan has arrived at a thoughtful decision of re-opening the educational institutions from 15th of September, under strict SOPs.

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