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Samsung Galaxy M31 receiving update

As per the recent report, the Samsung Galaxy M31 has now started to receive the Android 11 based one UI 3.0 update, this report has been updated as per the users present on the community forum. The new Samsung Galaxy M31 carries the status of being the latest phone a part of the Samsung portfolio which has been updated to Android 11. In addition to this, the Samsung Galaxy M31 also carries the status of being the first mid ranged phone to be able to receive the OS upgrade. The year an month in which the Samsung Galaxy M31 was launched was in the month of February last year along with the Android 10 and as per the reports, it was included amongst the first ever mid-range phones to be included in the list of One UI 3.0 beta program. Samsung Galaxy M31 with this new updates receives all the latest features of the UI that are available in the UI 3.0 along with the lasts security patch of Android. The users who are present on the community forum have come forward and shared the screenshots of the update of Android 11 with regard to the Samsung Galaxy M31. This practice tends to indicate that the respective update has begun to roll out and it should be reaching all the users in a couple of days or week in the near future.

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