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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 security patch, need for fingerprint fixing

For the year 2021, Samsung Galaxy note 20, both ultra and simple version are set to receive the Android security patch. There are various additional features and enhancements that will come with this update; the update is not just restricted to fixing the fingerprint sensors that are located on the two handsets. The representatives of Samsung have further reported about the update for 2021, that this will help in fixing a bug in the fingerprint sensors of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Ultra version, which often times allowed the fingerprint sensors to act in a rather abnormal manner, therefore even allowing access to the false positive readings, even on the installation of a screen protector. There are various other phones out there in the market that are being reported to receive the similar security patch, examples of such phones include Galaxy series S9, Galaxy S20 series, Galaxy S10, as well as Galaxy S20 FE.
In addition to this, the firmware site of Samsung contains additional details regarding the update. It states that the 2021 January security patch comes with an accurate fix for a problem which did not rightly recognize the fingerprint, while making use of the scanner. The company has given a tag name to this issue as, “an abnormal behavior related with screen protector results in high FRR of the fingerprint identification. The patch adds proper image compensation to avoid inversion for fingerprint enrolment with screen protector.”

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