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Samsung working on something new

People absolutely fell in love in the Samsung Galaxy A80 which was launched back in the year 2019, and was considered to be one of the best experiment ever done by the company. There are a million reasons why it became a huge success, ranging from its mid-range specs to the pop up camera segment which helped the people click many amazing selfies. Now, as per the recent reports and hints, there are speculations that Samsung might be working on the launch of something new, which might be the successor of this famous experiment, Samsung Galaxy A80.

The news has spread by the Dutch Tech website, which has apparently got some hint or word that the mobile company Samsung is working on the Samsung Galaxy A80, even though it is true that not much information has been released and shared regarding the phone other than the fact that it will support 5G. People have already heard about all the different specs and features of the Samsung Galaxy A80 but still have no hint as to what its successor will be like, better than it or not. In addition to this, Samsung has officially filed the trademarks for its series of AX2, which as the ones that will be launched in the year 2021, and that A80 was also on the list.

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