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Saying goodbye to Volkswagen Golf

As per the recent reports, the Golf GTI and the Gold R will not be going anywhere and will be right here amongst you guys, but the people can now say their goodbye to the base Golf, since this is going to leave the market of America for good reasons, or at least until and unless the prices of the gas tend to soar and good fuel efficient as well as small cars are being demanded and wanted by the Americans. The people were already seeing this coming in the year 2019; this was exactly when the Alltrack as well as the Sportwagen were killed by the VW. Even before all that happened, people still had a small hint that the Volkswagen Golf is also going to go down in a small span off time.

Recently, it has been officially announced by the Volkswagen of America that last week was marked as the last production cycle of the Volkswagen Golf for the market of US. It is expected by the luxury car company, Volkswagen, that 2021 the model year Golf models that are being built at Puebla as well as the plant located in Mexico, will be able to successfully sustain the affordable sales, which is a European designed hatchback all throughout the year. There are many cars in the market with which the Golf tends to compete in the market; the names of some competitors include Mazda 3 as well as Honda Civic and the sales which took place the previous year are actually considered to be very good while considering all the things.

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