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Skoda Auto has decided to no longer sponsor the ice hockey world cup

According to the reports, Skoda Auto has officially announced that they will not be sponsoring the ice hockey world which will be held this year, whether or not it is on Belarus, this has resulted from the human rights record of the recent host country. This news has been released by the carmaker this Saturday. The tournament of the ice hockey championship is due to take place in Belarus between the months of May and June, the host country is facing calls by various groups to be stripped of the event, since the President Alexander cracked down on all the protestors simply because they opposed his elections.

The official words of the carmaker were that “We’ve been a proud partner for 28 years. But we also respect & promote all human rights,”.  As per the attempts of the car maker, this step will deprive the President, who himself is a big hockey fan as well as a player, from having the opportunity to stage a big international event in the country that too fir the very first time since the re-election dispute which took place in the month of August.

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