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Taiwan receives letter by Germany for help in easing the auto chip shortage

Taiwan receives letter by Germany for help in easing the auto chip shortage

As per the official reports, it has been asked by Germany in a letter sent to Taiwan, in which they have persuaded the manufacturers in Taiwan to offer a helping hand in easing the shortage of the semiconductor chips that are available in the auto sector, which are responsible for hampering its respective fledging economic recovery that has come from the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. The automakers that are spread in various corners of the world, are in the process of shutting down their assembly lines and the reason behind this are the issues which are being faced in the delivery of the semiconductors, and while talking about some cases they have been exacerbated by respective administrative actions of the the former President Donald Trump against the key chip factories in China.

The shortage of the chip has left an impact on Ford, Volkswagen, Nissan, Toyota as well as Subaru as well as various other car makers in the world. The letter which was seen by the Reuters sent by the German Economy minister named Peter Altmaier on Sunday, has asked the counterpart Wang Mei-hua who is Taiwanese for the purpose of addressing the issue in conversation with the Semiconductor Manufacturing Co of Taiwan.  This carries the status of being the world’s largest contract chipmaker and also is one of the main suppliers for Germany as well. In the letter, it was specifically written by Peter Altmaier that he would be very pleased if they could take the matter into consideration as well as further make an effort to underline the respective importance of the additional semiconductor capacities for the country Germany’s automotive industry for TSMC.

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