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Teen’s mental health being damaged by social media

Resulting from the heavy usage of the social media on a daily level, many reports have put this information forward that it is damaging the mental health of the teens. The researches which have been conducted at The Prince Trust as well as the Education Policy Institute have suggested that self-esteem along with the element of well-being were quite similar while talking about the children in the age of primary school. The age at which the wellbeing of both boys and girls is affected is 14, but it is also proven that the metal health of the girls tends to fall more in comparison to the boys, after that. Another major contributing factor in this situation is the lack of experience; this has further been exacerbated because of the pandemic Covid-19, as per the study. There are various elements which have been underlined in the research and identified.

By the age of 14, the research showed that one in every three girls was not happy and satisfied with their own appearance, and this result came out in comparison to the one in every seven girls towards the end of the primary school. In addition to this another finding was that the total number of people having probable mental illness has increased to being one in every six, which further had already gone up from one in every 9 as per the findings of the year 2017. As compared to the peers, the boys in the age of 14 were suffering from lower level of self-esteem concerning to the ones at the bottom of the primary school. The respective stage at which the wellbeing of both boys as well as the girls fell was during their adolescence, and at this time the girls were going through a higher number of declines, as per the report. At the same time, it also recognized that the self-esteem of the girls as well as their respective wellbeing tends to gain stabilization as they are moving towards the later stage of their teenage, while at the same time it tends to fall down for the boys. The usage of social media on a high level was linked with the self-esteem as well as the wellbeing of the teens on a negative level, and this result is regardless of the respective mental state of a young person, as it had a higher number of girls experiencing the elements of hopelessness as well as depression amongst them.

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