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The administration of Joe Biden tends to outline the plan for the outbreak of the pandemic Covid-19

The inauguration day for the administration of the new president Joe Biden tends to mark the grim milestone concerning the global pandemic Coronavirus and along with this it also marks a new chapter for the country United States responding to it. While talking about the number of deaths in United States resulting from the coronavirus, 19th of the month of January marked the respective date on which the number of deaths surpassed 400,000. After a day, the newly appointed resident namely Joe Biden, was all poised for launching a smart as well as an ambitious plan in order to effectively tackle the crisis of public health, which also includes within the distribution of the 100 million vaccine shots that too, in the first 100days of his presidency, and therefore he issues a 100 days masking challenge in the country, which was aimed at the encouragement of the public towards wearing the masks as well as further requiring the people to maintain physical distance and also wear the masks while they are in federal buildings as well as on federal lands. Another attempt of the new president is to request and ask the congress to spend an amount worth $400 billion for the purpose of kick starting the national response to Covod-19.

The amount of money which goes towards all the efforts depends largely on the Congress, and it is expected for the details to change in the coming weeks. During the talks with the Michael Osterholm, who is known to be an epidemiologist working at the University of Minnesota in the region of Minneapolis and in addition to this he is also the adviser to the transition team of Joe Biden which is the covid-19 advisory board in the country, on the Science News regarding the plans of the new administration for handling the pandemic. The interview which was held has undergone editing for the purpose of clarity as well as brevity.

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