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The Donal Server Banned by Discord

“The Donald” server banned by Discord!!

It has been officially announced and reported that the server “The Donald” has been banned by discord recently, which had link with the pro-trump community and with the Donald Trump win. This news has been reported first by the Plat former writer named Casey Newton, in the well renowned the Verge. You will not at all be surprised to known that this ban on the part of Discord came exactly two days after the incident whereby the trump supporting mob went ahead and stormed the US Capital, going against all laws and threatening security. This mob was reportedly encouraged by none other than Donald Trump himself. Although, Discord stands by the fact and stays that there is not at all any evidence which could prove that this very server which they recently banned had any kind of link with organizing the riots in any way.

Discord has come forward and given an official statement in the Verge, saying that “we have a zero-tolerance policy against hate and violence of any kind on the platform, or the use of Discord to support or organize around violent extremism”. Although it is no lie that there was not any such evidence found to prove the organizing of the riots via the server, but Discord still decided to ban it once and for all, to settle any such hype, simply due to the possibility of its overt connection with any kind of violence.

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