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The need for indigenous societies to have internet access

After the launch of the Universal Broadband Fund in the recent times, the federal government has emphasized upon and committed to address the issue of the connectivity gap which is becoming way too real for majority of the people who are living in Canada. In the previous 8 months, the global pandemic Covid-19 has proven and shown to the entire world that having a proper internet connection during any situation of crisis is extremely important. There is not denying of the fact that the broadband access has gained the status of being an essential service which is extremely critical as is the access to electricity or water. People say that the minister, namely Maryam Monsef was absolutely right when she said that an internet with high speed is way more than just being a convenience for people.

Therefore, it is very certain that an investment amounting to around 1.75 billion is not just needed but welcomed as well, for the purpose of lowering down all the hurdles which have left behind many rural, indigenous as well as the remote communities which are present in Canada on such a side of the digital divide which is wrong. This will play the role of an amazing opportunity not just for the reason of ensuring that each and every person possesses the access to the vital service of internet, but in fact it will also help in reaching the respective goal with the help of effective collaboration with the various indigenous communities. This declaration made by the United Nations regarding the rights of indigenous people, which tends to urge to the various states to consults as well as offer maximum cooperation in good faith concerning the indigenous people, with the help of their representation for the purpose of obtaining their informed, free and prior consent before making the decision of implementing as well as adopting administrative and legislative measures that may leave an impact on them,  is also agreed by the Truth and reconciliation committee of Canada.

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